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Ultimate Horizontal Directional Rock Drilling Solutions 08Oct Posted By: admin

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Horizontal rock drilling, also known as HDD or Rock Boring, is a trenchless method of installing underground pipes and cables with minimal impact on the surroundings. This method helps save both time and money, which makes it one of the most popular methods used in installing pipelines. It is suitable for a variety of soil types and ground conditions such as river, landscape and rock crossings, provided that the rock is solid, without voids or incomplete layers.

HDD vs. Traditional Methods
By using HDD instead of traditional methods, billions of dollars are saved each year and the environment is much less affected. Instead of using dynamite for blowing up large portions of a mountain or land, the HDD method is a system used where rock is drilled on chosen directions, then pipes or conduits are installed without destroying a single stone outside the paths. It is ideal for the project contractor, good for the economy and beneficial for the people living near the project sites where such methods for drilling are used. The fact that the environment is altered as little as possible is a major advantage of this method, especially today when so many fragile eco-systems are in danger.

Objectives of HDD
The main features of HDD were designed with the main purpose of protecting the environment. This is why the mud removal equipment is also very important when using HDD because the holes where the HDD will pass through need to be hollow enough in order to allow the pipes to fit inside the holes properly. If horizontal rock drilling projects are properly designed and utilized, they will not hamper the current state of the environment where HDD will be used. It is clear that nowadays, more and more projects that construct pipelines and conduits need to be placed underground, because most companies now are geared towards modernization, which requires the application of a variety of technology. As most technological advances use pipes that need to be built underneath buildings and roads, contractors have found a way to do this with the help of the HDD. This is why directional rock drilling is a real gold mine for most project teams and construction companies because it enables them to meet their project goals and objectives while ensuring their social responsibility to nature and the environment.

Accurate Mapping
The biggest challenge that horizontal rock drilling faces is the accuracy of the mapping systems and of the guidance procedures. Choosing the proper steering tools and guidance systems can make a lot of difference, therefore it is always advisable to choose your HDD contractor carefully. Choosing a reliable HDD contractor based solely on the quoted price is not always advisable because the price could be reasonable but the quality of service could impose problems during the project. If you choose the most affordable contractor for the project, usually the quality or accuracy of their systems or equipment is below industry expectations, which may lead to further costs and delays in completing the project.

An Involved HDD Solutions Provider
It is a good idea to involve the HDD solutions provider as early as possible in the project, even from the initiation and design stage. Choosing the drilling method is a major decision, which should be taken only after a thorough analysis of all parameters and after weighing the risks versus the benefits of various possible solutions. Environmentalists, HDD consultants and project managers should all work together as a team for determining the best option to be used. After the decision is taken, all teams involved in the project need to actively participate all throughout the project’s life cycle and be aware of what equipment or systems will be utilized. This way, if there is a need to train people in the use of the systems or equipment prior to the implementation stage, the project manager or the HDD contractor can employ a group to train the team who will be assigned to handle such equipment.

Experienced Versatile Drilling Contractor
Victoria Trenchless Solutions (VTS) is one of the most versatile contractors in the industry. VTS is able to provide you solutions for horizontal drilling on various types of soil, from hard rock to sand. VTS employs teams of well-trained and experienced workers and engineers, who have extensive experience in the horizontal directional rock drilling industry and who take pride in delivering the most effective and environment-friendly solutions for all your project’s drilling problems. The equipment that VTS contractors use includes all types of drill rigs, covering a wide range of pullback forces. Moreover, the smart combination between rock drilling equipment, pneumatic cluster hammers, mud pumping and recycling systems and mill tooth reamers allows the VTI technicians to install pipelines in the toughest possible ground conditions without any problem.

At Victoria Trenchless Solutions, we think of your strategic objectives and we think of the environment too. Choosing Victoria Trenchless Solutions will ensure your company with the most innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for getting the project done with as little impact on the environment as possible. Contact VTS now and a team will be available to assist you in all of your project needs, from small scale plans to complex construction development.