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drilling and boring specialist

VTS a Rock Drilling Specialist offering technical solutions and expertise in providing a non-evasive service for underground infrastructure projects throughout the state of Victoria. Our key goal is the preservation of the environment where underground drilling offers a cost effective solution with minimal disruption to the public.

As technical consultants we offer a full assessment of the environment and surrounding infrastructure and provide a full diagnosis of the best machinery that can achieve the right solution. Many projects have been technically challenging with complex activities on multiple fronts with significant constraints and adverse working conditions. We specialise in finding a bespoke solution often tailoring the machinery to suit our client’s unique individual requirements.

We have a proven track record and extensive experience in Bed boring, Horizontal Drilling and Rock Drilling on Greenfield and Brownfield Sites and equipped with soft ground, mixed ground and hard rock cutter heads. VTS can cater for small tight access bores, mid-sized bores and large diameter bores in varied and difficult ground conditions such as saturated soils, soft formation clay, shale, mixed clay and high MPA rock ie: basalt, granite, bluestone, sandstone, iron rock and mudstone.

Our expertise has been sourced for various and varied demanding construction projects, small and large scale. Such as water/sewer gas mains, pipe fitting, water and waste water services, delivery of sewer upgrades, waterways, storm water, water mains, communications, network renewal projects, pipeline construction and power/electrical services for government, councils, public, private sector.

Difficult to reach job sites prove no challenge as we also provide our excavation service for limited access and exit location, restricted site assess and confined work space.Victorian Trenchless Solutions place an emphasis on service delivery excellence, commitment to the environment and competitive prices, bring satisfied customers, clients over and over again.

Company Profile

Trenchless SolutionsVictoria Trenchless Solutions offers an array of trenchless technology state of the art solution services to the construction industry throughout Victoria. Utilising advanced technologies and embracing Trenchless Solutions to meet client’s ever complex projects.

With an Innovative design approach VTS takes on the most challenging and demanding jobs from small to large scale projects. With the engineering capacity to manufacture and modify bespoke solutions in order to for fill a job specification fit for purpose.

Onsite consultancy is offered as a service to assist in mitigating risks, issues and the feasibility and concept of a proposed project.

The Consultancy service includes: geotechnical investigations of ground conditions encompassing: subsurface conditions, expected ground conditions the mapping of the ground and assets surrounding. Finding the most effective and appropriate trenchless solution in line with the project requirement and to meet the clients needs.

With the focus on the future environment all new installations will seek to use Trenchless Technology.
VTS offers a cost effective solution that has reduced open excavation footprints, minimised disruption to the community, significantly reduced congestion and is environmentally friendly.

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