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Pipe Jacking Melbourne Trenchless Technology 20Nov Posted By: admin

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Pipe jacking is a method that is used to install a prefabricated pipe from a drive to a reception shaft in the ground. There are jacks that are located in the drive shaft which propels the pipe. It is the jacking force that is transmitted through the pipe and is directed to pipe jack excavation face.

With traditional methods, cables and mains that were being installed could only be done with a continuing open cut excavation. This creates a lot of potential problems, challenges and time delays. However, all these can easily be avoided with pipe jacking Melbourne services. Many industries can take advantage of pipe jacking services in Melbourne. And there are many benefits and reasons why they should opt for this trenchless technology method.

Pipe Jacking


With the ability to utilise underground spaces, pipe jacking offers many benefits. This is especially true in areas that are becoming congested and complex. Many of the underground structures are comprised of sewers, water and electrical piping. They also consist of gas mains, telephone cables as well as networks for cable TV. All this makes pipe jacking a very cumbersome task.

The underground systems can vary according to the locale and the many different industries having a requirement for underground space. These industries may also require their equipment to be installed in a clean, quick and effective way. This is when pipe jacking Melbourne services come in handy. In fact, there is a constant growing need for pipe jacking services that is expanding into more industries than ever before.

Many industries these days are doing more research and comparisons between pipe jacking methods and conventional trenching methods. They are discovering that the open trench system creates a lot of problems. These consist of space restriction. The surrounding area also poses deformation problems. Then there are difficulties with groundwater control and potential safety hazards of caving in and silting up. There is as well a risk of excavating polluted ground. These are just some of the major problems that most excavation companies face.

However, with pipe jacking Melbourne services, these problems can be eliminated. Apart from that, issues such as the quality requirements when it comes to fill or soil shouldn’t have to be dealt with. This is due to the rate of compaction that takes place when filling the excavation. There is always a risk that the installed piping will become damaged during the fill in. But this and a few of the additional problems can be solved with pipe jacking method.

While this addresses the problems that most excavation companies have to deal with, there are also downsides to traditional trenching. It can interfere with surrounding industries with their shipping needs, for example. It can also cause major traffic slowdowns. Overall, the excavation could pose additional problems for the environment and the surrounding agriculture. However, pipe jacking is different in the sense that it’s a trenchless method which utilizes less evasive technique.

The Benefits of Pipe Jacking

This new trenchless technology is able to rectify many of the problems faced with traditional trenching in a number of ways. One of the most important features is the absence of open trenches that have to be dealt with. Inverted siphons in water ways are also being eliminated. There is also no need to worry about polluted grounds being excavated. No extra measures are needed to be taken for bank protection as well. There will also be no interference with other systems that may exist. Most pipe jacking Melbourne services are time-efficient in performing their tasks. In addition to this, pipe jacking method is a substantial cost saver as well. This is not only due to the elimination of the potential problems that can cause extra expense, but because of its time-saving value.

Now that you already have an idea about the benefits of pipe jacking services in Melbourne, you also need to know the perimeters for using this technology. While costs and time are extremely important factors that matter to most of the industries that use pipe jacking Melbourne services, the reduced impact it creates on the environment is equally important. Fortunately, Pipe Jacking is a non-invasive form of trenching which dramatically reduces the impact it has on nature.

Pipe jacking Melbourne services is therefore highly recommended for any size of job that requires underground boring and drilling. It works equally well for smaller type of projects such as footpaths and crossings. It can even be effectively used in all environments whether densely populated or not.

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