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Safety Tips in Horizontal Rock Drilling 24Jul Posted By: admin

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Horizontal rock drilling (HDD) is very essential in various industries including oil or gas production. They are also very helpful in some small domestic drilling jobs as well as in large commercial infrastructure projects. Companies such as Victoria Trenchless Solutions are expert in boring long horizontal holes under the ground. They perform this across commercial, industrial and residential districts to house the piping systems of some important utility installations.

What Is HDD?

Horizontal rock drilling is one of the modern marvels of engineering technology these days. Using power-operated drill heads equipped with diamond to pierce through the soil and rocks underneath, horizontal ground holes as large as 3 meters in diameter are drilled to make room for pipes for various utilities. The zero ground is undisturbed and saved for the small spaces at entry and exit points.

We at Victoria Trenchless Solutions (VTS) are proud that we are one of these companies with the most sophisticated HDD equipment being used in developing underground infrastructures. Horizontal rock drilling is the best option when it is necessary to set up new facilities. It is also helpful in upgrading old facilities where the installation would pass through the ground in some industrial, commercial and residential spaces.

Safety Guidelines for HDD

Although HDD method is a very sophisticated modern method of setting up an almost mess-free underground piping installation, Victoria Trenchless Solutions still makes sure that the methodology and safety guidelines promulgated by the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) are strictly followed. This is in order to ensure a smooth successful application of trenchless technology leading to a successful project completion.

The following are among the safety measures promulgated in the guidelines that we at Victoria Trenchless Solutions strictly adhere to.

  • Prior to commencing any work, we submit to the client a project plan that includes:
  • In the drilling execution plan, we identify the drilling equipment and all the details of the procedures covering the drilling. 
  • We undertake careful steps to protect existing structures, services and utilities during the execution.
  • We undertake tasks to carry out manufacturer’s specifications on specified work to be done, such as pipe fusion.
  • We undertake measures to ensure the safety and work compliance of entry, exit and access pits as spelled out in the Safety Management Plan.
  • We undertake to provide a complete testing of all installations.
  • We undertake to clear all pits and restore them to their undisturbed condition.
  • We undertake to comply with the safety requirements as promulgated by the regulators. This is specifically in the use of protective personal equipment and in the operation of machinery within the site.
  • We undertake to abide by these aforementioned guidelines as well as the other details contained in the guidelines book.

Victoria Trenchless Solutions is an acknowledged leader in the field of trenchless technology. We have built our name by the quality of our services. Our adherence to ensuring the safety of our personnel as well as the general public around our project sites contribute immensely to the quality output that we generate and deliver to our clients upon every project’s completion.

We understand the impact of trenchless solutions not only to our clients but also to the environment. Hence, we offer cost-effective solution that does not harm the environment and with minimal disruption to people. Having grown to be specialists in our field, we have simultaneously grown our capacity for service. We boast of our trenchless technology that enables us to work underneath the ground and provide a very useful conduit to serve man’s vital needs that include:

  • Fuel;
  • Electricity;
  • Communication;
  • Water;
  • Sewage among others

At Victoria Trenchless Solutions we care for the safety of our personnel while working underground as much as we care for our clients to derive maximum value for their investment. This is what we always guarantee when people choose us for their horizontal rock drilling requirements. With VTS successfully tunnelling the state of Victoria, you are guaranteed to have the safest and the most excellent choice.