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Pipe Jacking is Easier When Working with Victoria Trenchless Solutions 14Jul Posted By: admin

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Pipe jacking is a method of tunnelling that is used for the installation of underground pipelines. This is used mainly for the construction of new sewer systems, water mains, gas mains, pipeline for oil, and culverts.

Boring Drilling

When pipe jacking is needed, it usually requires some excavation of the ground material by an expert who can drill rock properly. The leading rock drilling company in Victoria is Victoria Trenchless Solutions. They make the pipe jacking process easier.

The company has expertise in horizontal rock drilling in Victoria. They have worked on many projects, at the government level, at the commercial level, and at the domestic level. The horizontal rock drilling equipment that they use are suitable for drilling into all types of ground conditions, like clay, sand, shale and rock.

For drilling underground, the company actually uses a less invasive method which does not require digging out the ground. This is ideal for a number of reasons, the most important being protecting the surrounding environment around the job site.

The horizontal rock drilling can drill up to thirty meters, up to 1.5 meters in a clay environment, and 50 centimetres in a rocky environment. The company can install conduits and pipes. Pipe jacking never got so easy.

Victoria Trenchless Solutions employs the latest technology in rock drilling that will minimize its impact on people and structures in the surrounding areas.

Construction projects are good for improving infrastructure. However, more often than not, the demolition and drilling cause a disturbance to the public nearby. Victoria Trenchless Solutions is very aware of that. That is why they have invested in special equipment that will allow them to accomplish their task with minimal disruption. Preserving what is not part of the project is important to avoid unnecessary disruption.

The technical experts at Victoria Trenchless Solutions will go to the job site and conduct a comprehensive assessment of the site and infrastructure that surrounds it. They will select the best machine that will produce the result that the project requires.

There have been projects in the past that were particularly challenging, with the crew working with constraints and a web of other activities. Sometimes the working conditions are less than desirable. However, the company always manages to deliver a solution that is tailored to the needs of the client.

The company’s track record with horizontal drilling, bed boring and other types of rock drilling is impressive. They have the right equipment to drill into many types of materials, including clay, shale, granite, and many other materials. The company has developed a stellar reputation in the industry and is often sought out for projects involving pipefitting, water mains, gas mains, sewer systems, and wastewater management. It is also a crucial partner in projects involving network renewals and communications improvement.

Some job sites are difficult to get to and will present a challenge to other rock drilling companies. However, this is not a problem for Victoria Trenchless Solutions. They provide services for areas where there is limited access or where the work space is confined. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to the company. They pride themselves in offering the best customer service and dedication to their work. Their prices are competitive in the industry. Many former clients are impressed with their work and use them for multiple projects.

Pipe jacking technology continues to improve with researchers coming up with innovative solutions year after year. There has been more studies on how various ground conditions affect the friction load, how the various types of packing materials related to their load, and other tests done on the project site that will help in improving the prediction of the forces of friction.

Victoria Trenchless Solutions is at the forefront of this research, as they are often a key player in tunnelling projects. They have earned a matchless reputation in the industry as a provider of innovative solutions that will fit the needs of any customer. Their genuine concern for the environment has led to a better way of rock drilling that preserves the surrounding areas while delivering effective results that satisfy the clients’ needs. They have earned their spot as the leader in the industry.