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Four Tips to Help You Hire The Best Excavation Contractors in Melbourne 25Sep Posted By: admin

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Hiring excavation contractors in Melbourne is never a straightforward undertaking. There are going to be several candidate companies to choose from, usually of different sizes and histories, with different estimates quoted.


But the headache of sifting through the numerous candidates can be eased if you know what to look for. So, we have put together a list of just four tips that you should focus on to make the task that little bit easier. There may be other considerations based on your specific project, its size and its location, but these make a sound basis for nailing down the most suitable before making a final decision.


4 Tips on Hiring an Excavation Contractor


  1. 1.     Check out their reputation

The first tip when it comes to hiring excavation contractors in Melbourne is to establish the reputations of each of the candidate companies. This is pretty logical, but while many people seem happy enough to check the company website and speak to a company representative, it’s always a good idea to dig a little deeper. To best do this:

  • Check references – Every company will state they have done great work, but only their clients’ word can be taken as real proof. If they have a portfolio of work completed, contact the clients in projects most similar to your own, and find out their opinion of the completed work. Some of the questions you should ask previous clients are:

○      Are you happy with the quality of work?

○      Was the contractor professional?

○      Did unexpected problems crop up? If so, how did they handle them?

○      Would you hire them again?

Remember, reputations have to be earned. So any contractor that stands over its work will be perfectly happy for you to dig around.

  • Word of mouth – Again, this relates to digging a little deeper. Speak to people you know who have already hired excavation contractors in Melbourne before. They may recommend a contractor, or at least point you in the right direction.


  • 2.     What experience do they have?


The last thing you want to do is hire a complete novice, but even with companies who offer services like demolition and excavation in Melbourne, it’s important they have the right experience. This usually refers to years on the job, but there are two key aspects you should look at.

  • Variety of job types – We know from experience that every job is different, and our own experience in working in a variety of situations has been invaluable handling the hurdles that can crop up. It’s important that you find out the range of projects your candidate companies have worked on, and tasks they have completed. These would include moving soil, trench and excavate footings, stump grinding, post digging and driveway preparation. If a company has a documented history in several different types then that’s good news – and the wider the range the better.
  • Working with others – Another key element of experience is in working with other companies and crews. The majority of projects an excavator is hired for involves a number of contractors working on specific areas, but they have to work together to achieve the overall aim. These are generally professionals like landscapers, builders, plumbers, irrigation installers and demolition services experts. If a candidate company tends to work alone, then depending on your specific project, they may not be the ideal option.

3.     Make sure the contractor is fully certified           

Every professional excavation contractor has to be properly certified to operate in the first place. It’s the best way to regulate the quality of services available in the construction and demolition sectors. These are covered by the Codes of Practice (Excavation Work) as set out by Safe Work Australia. More information, specific to Melbourne and the State Of Victoria can be found on Work Safe Victoria website. The national referral website, 1100.com.au, is also a useful resource. Make sure that the contractor adheres to the regulations as set out. A registered company will sign a contract and work according to the norms and specifications.

  • Fully trained staff – Also, the contractor’s crew members are fully training to use the equipment necessary to get the job done. Everyone in this profession must successfully complete specific training courses at certified training schools. So, ask for details on the qualifications that the teams have before deciding on them. For example, when it comes to excavation contractors in Melbourne, the crew should have an RIIMPO320D certificate. This is a government-developed course that qualifies holders to conduct civil construction excavator operations.

4.     Find one with payment options

Different contracting firms will have different billing and payment practices. So, it’s a good idea to check they have terms and structures that suit you. Of course, there are two key areas that need to be looked at.

  • Reasonable rates – This may seem obvious but bear in mind that cheaper contractors sometimes deliver cheap quality too. A reasonable rate is one that, on balance, delivers sound value for money – excellent quality for an affordable price. Always get three or more estimates (one from each candidate excavation contractor) and then weigh up which is offering best value.
  •  Flexible payment – When it comes to payment, most contractors should offer options so you can manage the bill better. Check out what is on offer, and make any agreement on payment schedules part of the contract signed.

Excavation services from Victoria Trenchless Solutions

As one of the most experienced excavation contractors in Melbourne, we have earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality work with even tight deadlines, every time. It’s something we’re proud of, but not a laurel that we’re willing to rest on.

We have a selection of mini-diggers on hand which allows us achieve the task in even the narrowest locations (760mm), while also minimising labour costs and helping us to complete projects on time and within budget. And because we also specialise in crane equipment, we can get to restricted areas easily by lifting the equipment over existing buildings and walls.

Of course, it’s only one small part of what we do, with expertise in drilling and boring, and crane hire as well as demolition and excavation.  For more on our Demolition and Excavation Contractor services in Melbourne, visit our website or contact us directly at (03) 9795 0608.