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VTS Demolition and Excavation Contractor Services

VTS is a demolition and excavation contractor services company. Specialising in mini diggers, the company offers its services for limited access or restricted area situations. The company works alongside many industry sectors. They include landscapers, builders, plumbers, utilities installers, councils, fencers, irrigation installers and demolition services experts.

VTS also provides vertical drilling and excavation services.The capacity of their drilling operations is 2m plus in depth, 100mm dia to 600mm dia in clay.This excavation and demolition contractor conducts vertical drillings for the purposes of soil testing, footings, sports goals, flag poles, fence poles, building stumps, piers, ponds, swimming pools and spas.

VTS mini diggers have over the years assisted many companies to be more productive.This equipment mitigates labour hire, reduces costs and helps to complete difficult projects on time and within budget.

VTS mini diggers weigh less than a ton, can lift and push up to a ton and are as narrow as 760mm. With rubber tyres, not metal tracks, our mini diggers tread lightly over existing landscapes.They leave none or minimal footprint, helping to protect the environment.

VTS also has crane equipment should there be no access at all, provided we have the capacity to crane the equipment over buildings, fences etc.

Companies we've worked with

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