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Crane Hire in Australia with VTS

VTS Crane hire service is provided to all industries when they require the lifting and lowering of building materials and equipment. We have assisted industries like: landscapers, builders, plumbers, electricians, home owners etc.

Crane Truck which offers a 3 ton capacity with a vertical height of 14m and horizontal reach of 10m. In the past we have provided unusual crane hire requests such as landscapers and homeowners requiring the relocation of large established trees i.e. palm trees of up to 14m in height and weighing up to 3 ton. Examples: water tanks, deep shafts for sewer/water mains, street lights, power poles, steel beams.

And a 4×4 1 ton Crane which is ideal for domestic jobs, where you need to gain access to the back of properties with a minimum working space of 1m, restricted passageways or limited access and need to move heavy building materials, equipment, landscape materials, large trees and landscaping rocks etc.

VTS offers: Full excavation and crane hire for all projects when required.

crane hire services

Companies we've worked with

  • Winslow Civil Construction
  • Watpac Contracting
  • Multipro Civil
  • Georgiou Civil Infrastructure
  • Absolute Civil Constructions
  • Comdain Infrastructure
  • BMD Group
  • Azzona Drainage Contractors