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Crane Hire in Victoria: Is It Better to Hire than to Buy? 26Feb Posted By: admin

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Cranes are essential equipments in most construction projects in and around Victoria. As a result, it is not often uncommon for construction and other engineering firms to consider buying and maintaining their cranes.

But the real question is, does that make more financial sense? Is it better to own cranes than to hire them? Or is it better to hire all the time? The truth is, it all depends on your perspective and financial capability at the time. However, we strongly recommend that you hire cranes for your construction projects. Here’s why:

Little or No Maintenance Costs
Buying your crane means you’ll also need to repair and maintain it consistently to keep it working optimally. Unfortunately, this can be a pretty expensive venture as the various parts of heavy duty machines like cranes are often expensive, not to mention the manpower needed to repair and maintain it.

But, when you opt for crane hire in Victoria, you never have to worry about maintenance or repair costs. Let the crane rental service in Victoria worry about that. It’s their job to ensure that the cranes work well.

Cranes are Expensive to Purchase
Cranes are extremely expensive to buy, which means that you need to have a huge construction project or a string of pretty sizable projects to consider when buying one or more.

Some construction companies often have to take loans to get their cranes. This is not necessary at all. And when you consider how much it costs to rent instead of buy, you’ll see that it doesn’t cost as nearly much to rent as it does to buy.

Selling Off Would Be Difficult
If you could easily sell off your crane after a construction project that could make the notion of a purchase appealing. But, you know that selling off cranes can be pretty difficult particularly when companies aren’t buying.

At most, they would want to hire the crane. And since the price of renting is nowhere near the cost of purchase, it could take years of consistent renting while the crane keeps undergoing significant wear and tear- to maybe, break even.

Excellent Option for Short Term Projects
Crane hire in Victoria is excellent for short-term construction projects. Buying one for such projects is not only expensive, it’s wasteful. Even if your profit margins are significant, you should spend the money on more important things like hiring even more manpower to help you complete the project on time, and hiring other important equipment than buying your own cranes.

Helps Save Costs
Not only are cranes expensive, the cost of transportation, maintenance, repairs and workers needed to keep it functioning smoothly can be pretty sizable. This means that if you were to hire a crane in Victoria, you could use the savings for more important things, while still making sure that you do not exceed the budget.

And if a construction company still intends to buy theirs later on, renting cranes in Victoria first will help them identify the various crane models, see what their strengths and weaknesses are and then help them make an informed choice. Either way, your construction company still wins.

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