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Choosing the Right Demolition Contractor 19Jun Posted By: admin

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There are a number of reasons for hiring a demolition contractor. You might have bought a prime property with an old house on it, but you have a different structure in mind to stand in its place. Or you might have decided that it’s time to renovate your ancestral home, but you want to preserve much of whatever heritage it carries.

Consulting your Architect

Whatever the reason, considering the right demolition service is the best decision you’ll ever make. You need all the information you can get to make an informed decision. Seeking the advice of professional architects is first step toward making the right decision. If possible, take this professional to the project site and solicit his professional recommendations. His advice would be the most important factor that can influence your decision. Discuss with this professional your project and the kind of demolition that might be required.

After consulting with your trusted architect, they are likely going to recommend a demolition. For this reason, you would be obliged to start searching for the best demolition contractor to do the job. Finding the right one would require you to be knowledgeable about this particular endeavour.

Types of Demolition

There are various types of demolition jobs. All of these depend on the type of structure you intend to demolish. Some demolition tasks can be small. They will only require the basic tools and simple masonry. Other demolition jobs can be massive tasks. These will require cranes, bulldozers and other heavy machinery.

A project can be considered a total demolition when the entire building is to be demolished. A partial demolition is when only certain sections of the structure have to be demolished. If the building to be demolished contains asbestos, you may include asbestos removal service. The demolition also assumes a new role if it includes debris removal or an environmental cleanup. Of course, no matter how small the demolition work needed, it is important to hire a qualified, reliable and professional demolition contractor.

Your Demolition Project

Let us say that in your discussions with your architect, you decided that you will demolish the ancestral house totally and replace it with a new residential building. This will require removing the concrete covering at the ground level. However, if you decided to save some of the valuable parts of the house that can be useful for your future projects, then, you have to inform the demolition service provider regarding this matter. For this reason, you need to find a demolition service provider that is professional and easy to deal with.

So, which demolition contractor should you choose?

Steps in Choosing the Right Demolition Contractor

First, you need to specify what the demolition will cover. Know all the other services included in the demolition process. Check if this potential contractor offers the following services:

• Removal and clearing of the whole structure
• Removal of the concreted ground slabs
• Proper disposal of all wastes and rubbles
• Costing of all recyclable materials

Second, identify two or three prospective demolition contractors that are based in Victoria. From the Internet, you can get plenty of potential contractors that you can choose from. You can also ask for recommendations from your architect for a reputable contractor that he personally knows. Make sure that Victoria Trenchless Solutions is included in your short list. Invite them to inspect your project site and ask them to submit their quote within a specified time.

Third, prepare some important questions to ask the contractor. Also, ask for some documents or papers that will support their capacity to perform the task. These include:

• Certifications
• Licences
• Insurance policies
• Portfolio of past projects
• Trade memberships
• Contact numbers

Ask them to send these together with their quotation.

After their site inspection, the bidders would determine the difficulty and extent of the proposed work. They would also be able to assess the recyclable materials and evaluate how much value can be salvaged or recycled from the old structure. In certain instances, where the structure to be demolished is not too old or dilapidated, there could be more than enough salvage value to pay for the cost of the demolition.

Fourth, as soon as you get the bids, evaluate the proposals and choose your contractor based on capability and reliability. It’s also imperative to look for a contractor with a key goal of preserving the environment. Hence, you should ask where this contractor throws the waste materials and scraps. Get to know how they ensure that their work will not put other people and the environment to danger.

Licensing for Demolition Contractors
Most demolition jobs are potentially dangerous. Hence, a licence is required in performing demolition tasks for various types of structures or establishments. In Victoria, a licence is required for demolition, most especially when the demolition involves chemical or asbestos removal. Asbestos is a carcinogenic material that can become a health hazard when activated during demolition work. Also, you need to give prior advice to WorkSafe Victoria regarding your planned demolition. This is the Victorian government regulatory office concerned with the safety of workers.

Full-Service Demolition

Demolition work is a very risky undertaking. Therefore, it should be carried out only by qualified demolition contractors who can guarantee safety, speed, and reliability of work. Make sure to choose a demolition contractor that can offer an extensive or full-service that includes:

• Overall cleanup
• Asbestos removal
• Waste disposal
• Rubble clearing

Simply choosing the most reliable and reputable contractor such as Victoria Trenchless Solutions ensures that no work is left undone.